NO3+ Lab

NO3+ Lab

In a closed aquarium ecosystem, parameter swings are pretty often. An efficient filtration system or an overdose of nutrient-reducing media can result in a sudden reduction in nitrate levels. Too low of a concentration can slowdown coral growth or worse cause permanent damage.

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AF NO3+ is a product that increases the level of nitrate in marine aquariums. The problem of too low NO3 most often affects aquariums with a large number of corals and a small number of fish. AF NO3+ is a source of pure nitrates, the appropriate level of which is necessary for the proper growth of corals. The concentration of nitrates is strongly dependent on the level of phosphates in the water. Before attempting to raise the NO3 level in the aquarium, check the PO4 concentration. Keeping it in such proportions allows you to maintain an appropriate chemical balance in the tank and protect it against increased algae growth. AF NO3+ is a product of the Aquaforest Lab line created for aquarists who want to have full control over the parameters in their tank. Before use, we recommend that you test both NO3 and PO4 levels and dose them gradually until the desired nitrate level is achieved. The product is in a convenient and safe package, for use in a marine aquarium.

Dosage: AF NO3+ added to 100 l of aquarium water increases the level of nitrates by 0.5 mg/l (ppm). The maximum recommended daily dose is: 1 ml/100 l of water. The optimal nitrate (NO3) value for a reef aquarium is 1-4 mg/l (ppm). Check nitrate levels frequently and only dose when nitrate levels are too low. Make sure the nitrate level is correct and you are using a reliable test kit.

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